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Article for students

Writer, Mrs. Anjali Denandee, MOM


Yes, the human life is very precious! We are too lucky, because we get a life, as the human. So, we must make it immortal by our own right works. Do not copy others. Because, there are differences between you and others. Such as, their climates, economic status, life customs, cultures, heredities etc. According to our own conditions, we maintain our lives. According to our own needs, we use our own body. The foods, which are too costly, may not be good for the health. If, we control ourselves, by the scientific process with own care, we will be the universally famous, automatically, by the natural rules. Look at our ancestors! They were so successful in their own lives by following right rules and regulations. So, now also we all salute to them and respect their works. They were also the common humans like us but by their very good habits, they became ever-strong with their mind and body powers. Let us! We eat fresh fruits and vegetables, regularly. Keep fit own self. Do not drink cold drinks. Outside foods. Spicy and oily foods make us unhealthy. So try to avoid it. Do not eat too much food, unnecessarily. By it, the weight of the body becomes too heavy, and it is the cause of the illnesses. Also, do not eat less food! By eating insufficient foods, the body becomes weak and we cannot work, properly. So, always, take balanced diet for proper growth of body and brain, also. Take foods timely. Proteins (veg. or non veg), iron and calcium are very useful for the growing body. Such as, pulses, milk, eggs, chicken, mutton, fruits etc. Vegetables are needed by the living body, so take it! For strong body, need, clean water, drink, 5 liters, daily. Be conscious of own present and future, also! A strong body can gift a bright future, only. Yes, so, for strength, we must practice exercises, regularly. 

        Like the strong body, also, need strong mind, simultaneously. And for very strong mind, we practice the meditation, regularly. For it, we must follow our Vedic ways. Such as, chanting on the ” AUM ” ……… daily, 116 + 116 + 116 + 116 …… 4 times  minimum…. … Yes, in the 24 hours……Yes, by this way, a life becomes the living God or Goddess, in a human life, ever………….

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