Ridendick Mitro
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Poem Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake     
     — Ridendick Mitro  (Kolkata, India )

[ Nawab Siraj series, poem No. 34]

|| Brothers, sisters read it in broken style rhythm, feel its frequency practicing with skill and entertain jovially, or ask this Subject teacher ||

           ? ??

Heerajhil, Heerajhil,  
   Heera in Bengali, 
   English Diamond be,  
       Jhil means lake, 
It was a bigger pond, 
Has been known at Stake,  

In sun-beam —
    The water clean —
Looked like diamond shape, 
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake,  

What it was that time you feel, 
Kinds of birds played in Heerajhil, 

In the June 23, 1757, 
Nawab Siraj lost his empire 
By Robert Clive’s clevery 
With the help of some men,  
In the June 23, 1757.

Next this spot, 
Day by day been beauties lost, 
This history gives us truly pain, 
  Knowledge is great, 
   But experience is gain.
The jhil laid on the west 
    Of the River Bhagirathi, 
      Murshidabad, Bengal, 
Holds a deep history, 
     As a whole,  
Here it was the big nice palace, 
Situation was dreamily sight,
Here it walks now at night
Nawab Sirajoddoula’s Soul, 
Also with him favourite spouse
Lutfunnisa in loving role,  
You may claim it’s nonsense, 
So,quite impossible, 
  I say,  all kinds of feelings
   Are not visible —
    To all the people, 
Imagination makes man great, 
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake.

Gradually it were being lost
  The shape and existence
             Of the palace,  
Mostly ruined by The river, 
And the rest part get covered
    By the trees and bushes, 
In full moon it vastly creates
    A fairytale scene, 
Beside it then the river whispers
     Loving, loving, 
Then Nawab and Lutfunnisa
Walk in the moon-flood-forest,
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake. 

Who see history and —
     Speak with it, 
They are human complite. 
They are longer merit, 
They are fit for the
      Best compliment, 
They are versetile talents.
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake.

Life is always evergreen, 
If we are able to find out 
Such exception by feeling, 
Otherwise you are old, 
  May be eighteen at age,
   But you are cold, 

That it’s true to claim —
  Feeling history is the
    Earning gem,    
If you earn it the best faith, 
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake..

But,  save history,  
It’s the just work to be, 
Just work gives man
More and more content, 
Heerajhil, Heerajhil, was a lake.

( Night 3:16, 20 December 2021, )
N.B: Ridendick Mitro (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো), Kolkata, India (Bharat) professionally a Poet-novelist-lyricist-columnist in English & Bengali equally (Not Translation ), Lyricist of ” World Anthem — We are the citizen of the Earth “,  ” Corona Anthem 2020 Official Bengali Song ( আগ্রাসনের নেশার সাথে হিংসা সীমাছাড়া )”,  Sristi Brand Song,  Kabyapot Patrika Anthem, Mukta Bolaka patrika  Anthem,  Nawab Sirajoddoula Mukta Vidyaloy Khosbag / Amader Tumi Gorbo Banglar Sesh Swadhin Nawab..[ A prayer song (Link : নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলার হীরাঝিল প্রাসাদে কে এই লুৎফুন্নিসা / Begum Lutfunnisa at Hirajhil Palace– ‘Manas Bangla’ youtube. ) for the Nawab Sirajoddoula Graveyard and the School after his name, Tune : Samarpita,  a TV star,  educationist, Story writer, Script writer, Classic Short Film Director, researcher, social reformer and  bold speech deliverer  who is called Today’s Lufunnisa with her  miracle life story ] etc.

Published names of books about 20-21 Upto 2020 from several publications. 

He also finished a book on Nawab Sirajoddoula and his related matters,  that is called “Nawab Sirajoddoula Poem series “.  Book’s name may be changed in printing shape. That poems for general readers, but  he seperately wrote lots of Rhymes on Heerajhil. That will bring a new volume for juveniles. Those works are mixing English & bengali originally.

Those Siraj series  poems are being published in the printing medias and wabesites etc in advance that due to corona pandemic the publisher is waiting in fear of this Pandemic.

Ridendick Mitro is also considered as the poet of Heerajhil Mass Movement due to his poems on Heerajhil purpose. 

But, the beautiful slogan like

       “Heerajhil, Heerajhil, 
        Itihase Garmil, 
        হীরাঝিল, হীরাঝিল, 
        ইতিহাসে গরমিল,  “”
             Trans :
        ” Heerajhil, Heerajhil, 
        The History’s Bad will, 
         Heerajhil, Heerajhil, 
         Why it is ill? “

Made by Samarpita. This slogan flood the tens of thousands great thinker people who devoted to the Heerajhil banchao Movement  or Save Heerajhil Mass Movement  (হীরাঝিল বাঁচাও আন্দোলন ). Here Samarpita, Manas Singh and others are same honored that they are same fighters for Sirajoddoula’s honor, as it discussed by Samarpita, Manas Singha and others. They are one voice, one mind, one existence they think. It is a world wide focussed movement : —

Why is Nawab Siraj’s honor and History being ignored?  

Those efforts are giving responsibility to us to be thoughtful for Nawab Sirajoddoula, the historical glory in undevided India.

If  you want to see this movement in real view,  click at the link “ভাগীরথীর ভাঙনে তলিয়ে যেতে বসেছে নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলার হীরাঝিল প্রাসাদ  ” — Manas Bangla. 

But it’s a fact Ridendick  got enthusiasm for writing on Sirajoddoula matters when he in the middle time of 2021 incidentally clicked “Was Lutfunnisa Reborn /লুৎফুন্নিসার কি পুনর্জন্ম হয়েছিল) “– Manas Bangla — Youtube, inwhich an interview in beteeen Samarpita and Manas Singha, a researcher and the head of Manas Bangla Youtube was being focussed. Next Ridendick brought himself into bigger working for Bengal history in both poetry work and other geners, and complited a bunch of original English and Bengali poems and songs about Sirajoddoula added meterials. And he then started a research vastly about this matter vastly as possible. 

Now these Nawab Series works are getting published in Kabyapot.com, www.globalnewz.online,   also in ” রূপুর পত্রছন্দ কবিতা সংকলন — প্রথম খন্ড : সম্পাদিকা — নার্গিস খাতুন, প্রথম সংস্করণ 15th অগাস্ট 2021 ( Rupur Patrachanda Bengali Poetry Collection –1st Part, 15th August 2021,  Edited by Nargis Khatun. If other medias publish new works of it must be informed to the readers. 

Ridendick Mitro is an awarded and felicitated writer got many honours from many organizations.

If any wabesite doesn’t act, it is net  disorder sometimes, or ask the editor please, request to the readers.

             — Editor : Kabyapot.com

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