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Queer World.
By Niranjan Ojha

All that are visible or invisible boons of our Lord.
Sun, moon stars, air water ocean vacation move, under his order.
And equally we can share as made for his heirs
Cause of laws we are perishable sorrows and sufferings are common to all
But is not aware of,
Why does he discriminate among his sons
One can hardly arn his bread by the sweat of his brow, Toils dawn to dusk cntinupus though starves with his pets. Someone toils not a single second though all the goodly goods and foods locked under his chests,
Becomes tyrant ruthlessly dominate the world
Breaks the rules of Lord, becomes the Lord of God.
World is queer, creator becomes couple, old and infirm
Lost his Lordship to the hands of his heirs,
Is it the unbreakable laws of his universe.

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