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Heerajhil Limerick Nawab Palace
  — Ridendick Mitro

Heerajhil, Heerajhil, is a famous place,
Where it was the nawab Siraj palace, 
Swallowed by the Bhagirothi river, 
Forest raised  all over there, 
History & full moon whisper in silence.

Limerick Heerajhil Save Committee
   — Ridendick Mitro

Heerajhil laid as a careless place, unfair, 
Where it existed nawab Siraj palace there, 
Heerajhil Save Committee and thousand, 
Samarpita & Manas Singha’s joined,
Succeed a movement to take its proper care.

——————————————————-  (9:30 pm, 12 January 2022) ——————————————————- 
N. B : Ridendick Mitro, Kolkata, India ( Bharat )  is  processionally a poet -novelist – lyricist – columnist in English and Bengali languages seperately, also a social reformar and bold orator.
Published books 20-21 upto 2020 from several publications. Lyricist of ” World anthem — We are the citizen of the Earth”, “Corona Anthem 2020 official Bengali Song (Agrasoner nesar sathe hingsha simachara ) “,  Kabyapot potrika anthem, Mukta Balaka Potrika Anthem, etc special kind of songs.  
Due to Corona pandemic situation huge works awaiting to be released — books and songs.  On nawab Siraj ud-daulah  history he complited about 100 ( hundred ) poems, songs, rhymes in 2 languages. Awarded and felicitated author. 
            — Editor : Kabyapot.Com      


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