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A tribute sonnet to Deshpran Birendranath Sasmal   

  (26 Oct 1881 – 24 Nov 1934) 


  By Ridendick Mitro  ( Kolkata) 

The days have gone, but the merit setteled, 
You Deshpran Birendranath Sasmal’s life, 
Man is man if he setteled entire right — 
With such a glory in absolute faith. 

It was you with forces justified,  
It is perfect merit that blows a fight. 
And any honest fight always be bright — 
On the stage of time finally applied. 

Existence causes the shape of a man, 
Regarded to his impressive  values, 
Versetile goodnesses proves him a gem, 
It approves his tender memorial clues. 

Not only in India as well as Earth, 
Your personality’s always remarked.


 5-32 am,14 November 2022,  in blanket on bed.



Deshpran Birendranath Sasmal  

   ( 26 Oct 1881 – 24 Nov 1934)  

            (140 lines)  


 By Ridendick Mitro ( Kolkata) 

There are so-so many numbers of
 Greatmen in the history, 
But, now Let’s know oh my friends,
  A grear man’s biography. 

He was an exceptional figure 
 To be a big thrilled story, 
He was a Bengalee simple man 
 Who became an world glory. 

I will disclose gradually here  
 His deep feeling in self- prestige, 
It is beyond imagination yes,
 In our so-called people’s eyes. 

He was just only one person 
 Who stood himself beyond fairy-tale,
Who after demise really did keep
 His Backbone truely vertical.

Yes, they are really great it’s said
 Who are perfect fore-runner — 
In such a way of strange thinking
 In life time in such a chapter.

In the Medinipur District of Bengal  
 At Contai in a landlord family,
In a deep remotest unique village 
 As It was named Chandiveti.

Wherein he born and brought up 
 In that village how beautiful,
He took first lesson in his village
 Then in an old style pathsala school.  

In Eighteen eighty one. 
 On twenty sixth October, 
Birendranath Sasmal at Chandiveti  
 Was born at this date there. 

And as upto the age of twelve  
  He went to a Pathsala then,
Next enrolled in Contai High School, 
  He loved biography of greatmen.

He enrolled in Contai High School—
 Since eighteen ninety three,  
And just in the nighteen hundred 
 He passed Entranced lovingly.   

Contai High School was established  
In eighteen fifty seven on land —
Provided by Rishi Bankim Chandra, 
The great man kingsize author and — 

Whose famous lyrics Vande Mataram, 
That is India’s first national song,  
Before independence it impressed — 
The undevided India all along. 

In that high school two teachers 
 Changed Biren’s thought brighter. 
Tarak Gopal Ghosh and Sashibhusan 
 Chakroborty togather.  

Deep eyed teachers can do build 
 The life of their students perfect, 
Great teachers can serve the thoughts 
 Including human nature’s content.

Next he was admitted in “Calcutta  
 Metropolitan College”, 
But due to situational needs in deep
 A certain time way got changed,

And next he came to study law 
 In the Ripon College then,
That later called Surendranath College
 Where he filled his needful aim.

To studying his graduation he moved 
 To the Calcutta city then, 
It was the capital of Bharatvarsha,
 Just upto Nineteen eleven.

Next it changed this city name 
 From Calcutta to Kolkata only, 
About this city you know many things 
 Its cilture and glory in real strongly.

Also in nighteen oh  one 
 It changed his thought all along,.  
As he joined Medinipur Bangia   
 Pradesik Rastriya Sommelon.

That he got his possition then 
As the president post here —
In the depertment of reception.  
It brought in him new atmosphere.

He went to Middle Temple, London,
 Studied bar-at-law no late, 
And just in nighteen oh four  
 Became a Barrister as of dream-target. 

Indeed it is truely said to all — 
 He became a young Barrister —  
To save the helpless Revolutionaries, 
 That  he achieved it without fear. 

In the period nighteen oh five  
 He started his new fight all right,
As he Joined Banga Vanga Andalon.  
 And then he came to open light.

He to Midnapore District Court 
 Moved from The Calcutra High Court,  
Just to make the people awake 
 In need of that revolutionary fought.

He was a son of a landlord we know,
But he denied rich type living, 
Though he loved hospitality much,
 Also loved huge amount eating. 

He believed food is compulsory 
To bring power & pleasure in life, 
But less dream persons are deadly, 
No nutrious food makes their height. 

And he was titelled as Deshpran 
Before his name always it’s used, 
Deshpran means a greater lover 
Of the nation who contributes huge.

And he became a Counselor also
 In the then Calcutra Corporation, 
He served his honest effort and forces
 As tackled many-a-bad situation.  

In most cases all over country
 Birendranath won the powers, 
Brilliant, open heart and logical truely,
 He was seen as a sky high tower.

And in nighteen thirty four  — 
On the twenty fourth November, 
Birendranath ended his life of fight 
As died of paralysis, how pathetic there. 

In both English and Bengali writing   
He was also a poet in real, 
This great never bent his high head 
And won each demands without fail’.

Now It is disclosing to you greatly — 
The interesting theme at the end. 
That what an world surprising step,
 He much seriously conciously made.

He wrote a deed in Autobiography 
That after his death at funeral pyre– 
He should be cremated upright yes —
That he to none did surrender. 

And, so after his final sleep 
It was done then in funeral time, 
People kept his last order of will, 
Think of this man’s thinking line.  

Yes, we can also do it same, 
If we think of our hidden shape, 
Every man can be exceptional  
If he thinks by himself as great.



 ( Evening, 6-35 am, 31st October, 2nd, 21st November 2022) 


Courtesy : Twosome sonnets in English & Bengali, and twosome  poems in same languages and a lyrics ( for a song)  were written falling in illusion  reading a Bengali column like ” Ek AposhhIn-o-bidrohI jananeta chilen Birendranath Sasmal” by Batu Krishna Haldar, in a Bengali News Paper : Sokal Sokal, From Ranchi Jharkhand , page Number- 4, 26th October 2022, Ps-3.00 only. ” Also ” Birendranath kakhonoi Onyayer songe apos koren ni “- by Batu Krishna Haldar, Dainik Jugasankha,  26-10-2022, published from Kolkata, Burdwan,  Siliguri, Jharkhand. English and Bengali works are seperate, not translation.


Any type of unfortunate mistake or if any information wrong to be found must be corrected by the poet in poems maintaining poetic quality, in the printing book. So, no problem about this factor. 


Ridendick Mitro (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো) , is professionally a poet-novelist-columnist-lyricist in English and Bengali seperately. Kolkata, India

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