Ridendick Mitro
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Poem : Strange Nation Bangladesh 
— Ridendick Mitro  (Kolkata, India )

  || Read it please before poem ||

[ This poem is dedicated to ?Sierra Leone?,  an African country where Bengali Language has been accepted as a National Language with English. In 2002 Ahmad Tejan Kabbah,  the HON President of that country decleared it. Only five thousand peace keeping force from Bangladesh went there, also other troupes  went there from near about 37  countries to destroy the civial war. Mainly, in between 1991-2002 this West African Country was involved in a long spate of internal civil war,  and, so,  the United Nations sent peacekeeping forces here from many countries. Bangladeshi forces were also went there. But the peace keeping force of Bangladesh laid down their arms and started education,  gave food supply,  served medicine and taught Bengali language with its poems, songs, dance performance etc. After that,  extremists surrender to the believable love of Bangladesh peace keeping force, and this way bad works got delated,  Sierra Leone became a peaceful country. On this virtuous work the HON President of this country in 2002 accepted Bengali language as State /national language. Next The United Nations gives many responsibilities to that peace keeping force to change other troublesome countries,  and this peace keeping force of Bangladesh became an ideal shape to the rest peace keeping troupes  of the rest countries. Now Sierra Leone people speaks Bengali, sings Bengali with glory.]

Poem : Strange nation Bangladesh
   — Ridendick Mitro (Kolkata, India)

[137 lines, Free range rhythm-rhyme levelled style ]

Where the best visiting
                      places are these,
The Shahid Vedi, book fairs
                              and libraries,

In the world by whom
This sense was given?

It is Strange Nation Bangladesh,

   Where the trees play the sun —
   Like the joy of revolution.

   Where the birds fly in the sky  
            And on the stream, 
          Like a poet’s dream.

  Where Radio is alive
    With its old status, 
  TV is modern but not agrassive
          And stay concious,
    And where the grass of the field
     Is laughing like the laughter
       Of a new born baby, 
        Can there be any comparison,
            Oh man, tell me, tell me ?

  Whose peacekeeping force  
   Go abroad,
  And lay down their arms,
Start their success episode, 
  And eradicate internal civil war 
  In the light of education & culture,
      They prove it there —
     that good job and sense
   Can change any bad sequence,
         It is Bangladesh,
         Strange nation Bangladesh.

  Where the horizon shakes hands
            Like lost love, 
  Where the rivers speak like
            Naughty-most love, 

   Where the forest conveys
   The dignity of the trees and herbs,
   Where the mountains sit proudly 
   Waiting to talk to people, how free!

   The fountains are waiting  there —
    To take care of a thirsty creature,

      Its name is Bangladesh.

   Where the waterfalls are flowing —
    With the glossy shape of a student
      Who has passed the exam,
                     It brings this feeling, 

  Where the boats sit
     on a polite canal water  
     And they tell
     with the canal the stories —
   of many experiences
   of navigating rivers and seas,

    And just then
    a melody of country song
           In Bengali language
           Is coming from a boat
            In the distance, 
            In air spreading all along,

   Its name is Bangladesh.
Whose history can change you all along, 
That is Bangladesh without any question.

Which nation’s father’s
            voice and speech
Can pull you out
            of the deep abyss? 

Which nation’s father’s voice
Makes you able
     to an ocean cross swim, 
Which nation’s father’s voice
  Can destroy the hurdles
                 in front of a dream? 

Whose voice and logics
      can burn your fear, 
Whose personality
       like a sunny sky compared, 

Whose merit and attempts
    made the world charm,
Do you not know him,
  he’s Bangabandhu
  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Which soil can issue
     every child a fearless, 
Which soil is made with merit,
     deep sense and confidence, 

     Strange nation Bangladesh. 

Which nation first decleared
   Bengali as state language, 
  The language
             as nice as the spring, 
Which nation’s village foods
      and home made drinks
      Are world famous tasty
             In any meaning,  

Which nation’s each home
  Cultures poems, play, and song, 
Also the life-stories of great men
          With great attention, 

Strange nation Bangladesh.

There is a nation in the world, 
Holds a Strange history-n-glory, 
There is a nation in the world, 
About it, it airs many-a-story.  
     Strange nation Bangladesh.

It gave the great 21st February, 
Called The World Mother Tongue Day, 
To honor every languages in Earth
Man’s love must be given
         with a heart-touching pay.
     Strange nation Bangladesh.

Its particales of soil always wonderful, 
Its horizon and nature are very deep, 
Ocean and river and the runlets
Are especially they comprehensive.
     Strange nation Bangladesh.

In thinking power and creativity —
Over the world
     it makes people charm,
Mukti Juddho
     made  the world speechless   
Directed by Bangabandhu
     Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Next it stood Bangladesh
      From  West Pakistan. 

Which soil’s  sons and daughters
   when go to foreign,
        May be measurable, 
They create palaces
from a refugee slum, unbelievable. 
With education and genius role.

Which soil faces various difficulties
       Due to external enimies —
Because this nation is so brilliant
                       And creative? 

     strange nation Bangladesh.

    Compose : 15-21 November 2021

N.B. Any typing mistake if found, excusable.


Ridendick Mitro (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো), Kolkata, India ( Bharat ),  is professionally a poet, novelist, lyricist & columnist in English & Bengali language seperately (not translation ). He took preparation since her childhood with this kind of dream and action. He crossed exceptional hurdles and devils’ with pathetic fights that are unbelievable to be believed by us.

From several publications he has 20–21names of books pulbished upto 2020.
And so many works are waiting to be published. 

He is the lyricist of a world anthem — We are the citizen of the Earth.

Also   ‘Corona anthem 2020 official Bengali song ‘(আগ্রাসনের নেশার সাথে হিংসা সীমাছাড়া )’.  Sristi brand song,  kabyapot potrika anthem etc.

Recently it has again a surprize to us that his lyrics ” নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলা মুক্ত বিদ্যালয় খোসবাগ ” ( Nawab Siraj ud-daulah Mukta Vidyaloy Khosbag ) has been considered and using in the regular prayers to the graveyard of Nawab Siraj ud-daulah including a school after his name.This School for any age student established by Samarpita.

That prayer song accepted by this Samarpita,  the head of that school, a TV star of Kolkata,  who works  in Murshidabad in need of nawab purpose , sinks into a reserach on him  that results glorify his name in a special view. She cares his graveyard routingly giving bath and setting flowers with a prayer. She is called today’s Samarpita. Numerous unique qualities are played in her abilities. Her voice, ligics and bravery are mervelous. She is also a social activist to develop the areas where the history of Sirajoddoula existed in the places.

He was  Sirajoddoula,  the Nawab of undevided Bengal -Bihar -Orrisa, and who  actually was the hero of undevided India, and Robert Clive defeated him by unlawful tactics with the help of nawab  Siraj’s 1st Captain Mir Zafar and others. Since that day of 23 June 1757 The British owned officially licence to enter into India (Bharat) and step by step owned this total country. So, Sirajoddoula is the main point of the history of dependence India.

Ridendick Mitro claims, ” Areas of Nawab Sirajoddoula should be decleared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO,  as my conscience believes.
     How there histories are losing their existence due to lack of maintenance, that scene is very sad and unbearable!
     The mass movement is being formed one after another, the impornance needs to come from the United Nations, now.
   The sooner the Indian department of archeology looks at this, the better.”

You may know indescribable detalis of Samarpita in the Manas Bangla Youtube channel :– “লুৎফুন্নিসার কি পুনর্জন্ম হয়েছিল / Was Lutfunnisa reborn? ‘,  ‘ নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলার হীরাঝিল প্রাসাদে কে এই লুৎফুন্নিসা /Begum Lutfunnisa at Hirajhil’ (in here Samarpita sings that lyrics with her tune with  some students by the grave,  see the youtube and may entertan detailed ) and see more about her thoughts here and there. Her students are called Knights. This is a school that tries to make the student (Knights) into   complite responsible sensitive citizens. Gradually it is growing.


Ridendick Mitro  has so many poems in Bengali and English on Bangladesh that those are getting ready to be published in print and due to Corona Pandemic situation it is making troubles in the publisher’s work.

It is a recent writing on Bangladesh that he doesn’t take a piece from the old file. 

   He is popular in the Bangladeshi readers also .

            — Editor : Kabyapot.com

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