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A Micro Story


Manoranjan Das<

     Peter was preparing his lessons in the evening in his room. He was reading the causes of the World War I .His father returned from office and took a cup of tea.
     Then, he entered into Peter's room and said,' O, Peter, I have an idea which came into my mind in the pre-noon at office.'
      ' What ,father?'
      ' If every father of the world teaches his sons and daughters...'said Peter's father.    '.       
      'What is the teaching, father?' Peter asked .
     ' Every son and daughter of the world must not work in the weapon factory, ultimately production of weapon will be stopped for ever and war shall be ended for ever.
  'It's a correct and perfectthought ,father' ,said  Peter.
      The,then,the moonlight enters into the room of full-moon.


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