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Dr. Manoranjan Das

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      Michael Tarun, the super soul of humanity for world’s wellness and goodness to act through his  activities which is also accepted by the leaders of the world . He knows and believes from his heart , earth or world  is our own and real mother .  His conscious and progressive thought is wealthified through the proper norms and forms, by elaborating his views into his books, viz., ‘ The Birth Day OF Mother Earth, The Theory of Permanent World Peace And  Mankind, New  Thought Old Earth,’ and ‘ The Earth and Hoiest Land’.  To nurse our mother , we must have to do the best from our own. He achieves, there has been a propensity to take a major role in the currently divergent types of social truth-seeking jurisprudence in what may be called neo modernism which looks for  to know, organize, appreciate and capitalize  the ideal elment  in mind’s law and , in particular, to exceed current century  indivisualism  and the modern collectivism by origin which shall either measure community values  and civilization values in terms of community values , or shall outset  civilization as the end towards world’s betterment and men’s betterment which both the  highest of free being  self declaration and in competent social association are , but means.

  Generally speaking, Michael Tarun asserts the engineering feats , referring advancement of ancestors , where the effort  and respect are humanized through the cultural evolvement as the greatest architectural feats. Thus Michael Tarun believes ,

 ” Our modern day disbelief in our ancestor’s ability has led a plethora of ‘ conspiracy  theories ‘ about our past engineering feats , ranging from long lost highly advanced ancestors to aliens . But is this fair?. Why would not they be a clever or ingenious as we are today. We should probably afford them a bit more respect. Human race has been culturally evolved, but their appetite for creation has diminished. There is a saying -they who create history do not have time to write it; yes, this proverb proves again that our Mother Earth is the greatest of all. Our Mother Earth preserved all these architectural feats of our ancestors with the utmost endearment .’1

   Michael Tarun points out  that justice , the ideal next of kin among men  and the whole earth , morals , the uppermost development  of personal character , and safety each claims the other and yet each if transmitted to its full reasonable development positivates the others. This must be understood and the three must be reserved in mind in  a view of the whole .Of three theories of the attaching force of law for earth’s betterment  and nourishment , a) that law has binding power only when ordered by a force impressing itself on all other forces, b) that its necessary force is footed on consent, and,  c) that it may be increased immediately  from justice and owes it’s connecting force thereto , he holds that no one of them by itself can provide a acceptable answer.  He marks out series of lawful percepts uttered preponderantly by each of these beliefs ; but there is a preponderant  dictation .

            Michael Tarun has the belief , basing on the thought of immortal friendship where the appreciation on feeling  and reality are served for the immense of human virtues as a norm of authentic broadness for comfort of earth’s good deeds. Thus, Michael Tarun says,

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“ Now and then , we feel moved , we shed tears for immortal friendship while going through fables , stories and novels . We wish, we should get such friends in our lives . This is indeed hypocrisy as we pretend to appreciate and feel and in reality we do not. Are we real believers of the saying –‘ A friend in need is a friend indeed ?’ Perhaps not , because in real life we ignore and neglect our best friend who serves our needs unconditionally and ceaselessly and it is none other than the Earth. Perhaps we do not have the depth in our mind yet to realize the broadness of Mother Earth and her immense love for us . It is also true that to be able to love someone great demands preparing one’s own mind to excel. With this soliloquy a idea occurs to me that can not e find a way that may reach us nearest to the Earth. I feel that since we are born on the earth and till we die here , we live happily , we enjoy comforts and all these are by means of earthly elements . Irrespective of our caste , creed and wealth we all perish in the soil of the Earth at the end.”2

         Notwithstandingly, Michael Tarun has pointed out by some fellowmen that certain other thing also make a payment in our feeling of peaceful pleasure, and it is true that our forgiveness and sympathy are roused for human beings , we are to some extent like ourselves, at the same time however, we may have a sensation that we are not to be spotsed with them. But this kind of pleasure is not well-matched with the calmness that we are expand after all horrible passions are spent, and with sentiment of great  fighting back  souls. There is again the further happiness that one gets while one sees a great tragedy well-acted. There the skill of actors and actresses in imitating the enthusiasms f the supermen and super women, gives some additional happiness; but everyone who has felt the true pleasure in a great tragedy will come clean that this is also a very small thing . It is only our sensations  and crazes are terribly roiled after a course of disastrous pity and horror before we come back to familiarity that we understand why catastrophe pleases.

        Authentically speaking, Michael Tarun,   the ever sparkling thinker, endows , learning the eternal utterance as a wealth of goodness, where the purity of completeness is befitted the beauty of earth ,that the traditional and authentical  wave is rowed to uniqueness and wellness. Thus Michael Tarun postulates,

       “ That to knowing our Mother Earth  and loving her ; learning to realize that whatever is created  since eternity is born out of the Earth and will perish into the earth . You’ve just told that if one lives  himself , then the Earth lives. . That is utterly wrong . If we can keep our Mother Earth  alive, can preserve all the wealth, beauty and purity completely- then not only you and me , many more future  generations of ours will live a befitting life on the Earth. For millions of years , we have taken benefits from our Mother Earth, now is the time to return all those to her.”3

       Michael Tarun  , the great, typified the urge for liberty to save Mother Earth, latent in nature , and he becomes its soul construing its scheme  disclosing its meaning and principle and nature is the playground in which the inspired journey of man and his liberty find expression. Michael again typified , the advance of strength for well decorating mother earth, lies in the kingdom of freedom, and ideal freedom of course, lies not in separation or complete lack of involvement or the dissociation the general nature but in comprehension of holy unity with all that exists , and, a downright embarrassment of flesh , world disagreeing with ethics , stoic outlook of a  sannaysin , spirit of removal, he would appeal, degenerate into inaction, help us to kill the spirit rather than enlarge into completeness; and, freedom is not imitation of motionlessness  of all fulfillment  but pulsing with never-ending longing and yearning , that call  forth continuous creation and endless explorations Thus Michael Tarun means to say, freedom to save our nature , atmosphere  environment and earth is neither running away from life nor merging into death silence of all fulfillment. 

       Truthfully speaking, Michael Tarun, the true lover of nature, realizes through his activities that Mother Earth ,entitling with love , including virtues where righteousness rows  with the gift of actualness  and helpfulness as a benefiter of Mother Earth , by maintaining with the glory of faithfulness and selflessness. Thus, Michael Tarun says,

       “ The word which I used ‘giving’- is wrong indeed. I beg apology for that . Since , whatever we have, we have  received it from Mother Earth. Mother Earth entitled us  the right of birth, the right to grow up, the right to love, the right to be in relationships , the right to protest , the right to get employed, the right to earn money, the right to spend money, the right to give money. Even the money we desire and we receive, is created from all the properties of Mother Earth

 “ The pennies come from metals and the paper notes come from the skin of trees . So , no way, am I wrong ? We are gifting her , what she gifted us . Actually , we are helpless without her. We have nothing to provide her , unless she provides us. Those who save Mother Earth  is pious. Those who leave the world without serving her, are unfortunate , poor souls. I pity them. We do not favor the Earth rather , we are benefited by her. In this regard ,if  we do not spend our earnings in proper way , then Mother Earth  will not be able to maintain her glory .Therefore, I could step myself from thinking and realizing that when I  have nothing of my own , then why should cripple my mind and behave in such selfish manner!”4                                                                                                                                                        

           Michael Tarun ,  uniquably speaking strengthens  that many a pilgrim either in his self-chosen expel, lonely shift away or following soul’s endeavor in the vast struggle front of life and world has made a highest sacrifice to increase the light liberty of nature within or hoist its banner uphill at the cost of huge suffering, ; and, man is often prepared even to part with his beloved possession of life so that the light freedom through nature may burn lighter in its full majesty; and, freedom , he believes would give unto him comfort of life  approved peace and, above all, glee of the soul.
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Moreover , Michael Tarun, referring the greenness and goodness of the world prefers to the world in all respects, always exertions in a nonstop process. He, the Michael Tarun knows, Mother Earth wants to offspring to live in peace by singing the songs of love and widespread brotherhood, but her motiveless children are insubordinate, following not her , argue with each other. Elaborating the worldly things and giving significance on it and paralleling with the view of Michel Tarun ,the great poetess, Dr. Mahashweta Chaturvedi writes,

”O, Earth , you are my Mother ,

I am your daughter and son

We are enjoying

The battle you have won.

You are giving us water pure

The soothing breeze, the crops ,the food

Cattle wealth and victuals in plenty .

In burning heat , you are my hood .

You impart us plenty of milk,

The green corn fields smiling ,

Lead us to prosperity

With the Seas , the hills and rivers dancing.

How I salute you

I do not know

Deed drenched in sacrifice

Is merely love’s glow.”5

Michael Tarun, the ever lively fellow , feels, the inward attitude , i.e., the attentiveness of consciousness , is inevitably to reject the outward. We can not turn our thoughtfulness inward; we take out it from things , and such dragging out means denial to form a harmony with objects . Elimination is achievable only for awareness. While consciousness can take out from object , the latter , being holly motionless, can not.

         Michael Tarun intakes, in the external advance,  is the all in all there is no inquiry at all of the twisted side , which means that this side is holly paid no attention to . Hence, if the deepest attitude searches for  to refuse objects , this means that restlessness itself denies objects. Recognition and object are , therefore, prospective The given purpose attains knownness just as it grabs the knownness  , unlike the rosiness can be studied dividedly  from object known.

            Michael Tarun  extends his idea by the process, bearing the consciousness of truth where the possible relation loveliness and man , that tries to clean out unkindness, loveless , greediness etc., and the details is turned into  with the unselfishness really, where the awareness with ensuing makes relationship with common trust. Thus Michael Tarun writes,

    “ If the soul is an expense of power, if the fraction of that power exists in every human being that controls all human activities and if someone realizes this truth , then there would not be any ghastly crime like murder or rape possible by him . If the relation is built on the basis of love, then there is nothing more beautiful than it. Love relation between a man and woman has always been beautiful and transparent. It enhances land life power . And cruel , loveless, greedy desire ,on the other hand destroys lives and civilizations. It creates pain for the Almighty even who perhaps blame Himself for His decision to evolve wild animals into Homosapiens.

       “ Was it justified to make human beings more powerful by rendering them intelligence ? The Earth also becomes sad . Mother Earth selflessly takes the pain of bearing all the vices and mischiefs of all human beings  . She can not resist the evil happenings all around. It makes her helplessly sad. Man would stop doing mischief only when he would realize  the beauty of relationships  based on love , trust and mutual dependence . Thus  a  relationship will be complete and the civilization will move forward.”6

        Michael Tarun realizes, the unobjective , pure awareness  is the source and aim of all knowledge and highest realization of holy strivings , and , the foundation of freedom born of religious consciousness is in , spirit, an awakening to internal ambition to know., to feel, to cultivate into a new self to go into  spiritual union with the greater truth beyond and pasings through  the  universe, which  occupies our being; and , it  is the interior impulsion of liberty, self-evolving and appearance of the spirit hidden in inconsistent substance which develops into life and mind and skills  the necessities of produce generating words in which the individual soul may have its free play.  

       He realizes further, the urge of freedom is playing a leading role in man but it is previously working itself out in some  shape or other or in lesser or lower scales partly successful in the inorganic, plant and animals worlds as well as thumping in the heart of all things in their alter and alteration and spirituality is the demonstration of the spirit which itself has established and represented life, body , mind and is now living as a religious being , and, it is not necessarily elite but wide-ranging of every section of life and the globe.

         Gracefully saying, Michael  Tarun has   emphasized  on the Almighty God , who is the creator of all . He tries to expose his idea as a clean horizon , basing on pillar of human virtues and the importance of sky and its surroundings are signified as gratitude , following happiness. Thus , he says in the voice of Mohidha Sir,

     “The sky is the roof our Earth .Yet nothing like bricks, sand, cement and iron are needed to build the roof. This roof is floating in the emptiness of space. Almost everyday we read in newspapers, watch on television that the roofs of tall buildings  have broken down and many men are killed. But has anyone , anywhere ever heard till today that the sky or the roof of the Earth has collapsed and men are trapped underneath or killed   so far ?’ So all the students are enthralled as they are listening to the words of Mohidhar Sir

           “ Now they shouted together ,’ No Sir. We have not heard.’ Mohidhar Sir smiled a little, cleaned the sweat from his forehead with his hand and said , ‘ Then you think our Creator is such what a architect ! He has created such a roof floating n the space , which has existed for billions of years without any pillars ; whereas we construct the roofs of our houses with so hard and strong pillars but no one knows when those roofs may collapse on our heads - no engineer can  give any guarantee about this.  Contemplate for once , and you will find that your hearts will be filled with happiness and infinite gratitude towards our Creator. Your eyes will be filled with tears and you will want to call everyone loudly and convey these words . Well , don’t you want to do it?”7

           Truthfully speaking, Michael  Tarun has a special will-force to say, the notion of man remains ever unfinished without its total viewpoint, and, the necessary arrangement of man is to be studied in its next of kin to the dominion of Nature as well as its metaphysical foundation, man’s corporeal, psychical and religious orientation in the world , and the power s and powers that stir him and are set by him in movement; and, being and worldwide scheme in which  he is predestined to play a important role.

              Michael Tarun has a special will-force  to say again, individual personality is not a motionless fact, it is like life ever producing and becoming , and, the whole viewpoint of man can not but take account of the vitality  and gradual unfoldment  of human brain and personality to the wholeness of our being.

           Michael Tarun, basing on the reality of truth of Mother Earth, has strengthened his idea with deep love for humanity’ betterment where the actual importance of nature are worshipped , at all. Thus , he writes,

           “Trees are the oldest living being .They came into existence millionS years ago. They played roles in human evolution and the dawn of civilization . Threes have not only witnessed history, they have shaped it. It is no wonder that trees have captured the human imagination since the beginning of time. Their strength , deeply rooted on the earth , is an inspiration. They live on hundreds or even thousands of years and so we revere them as creepers of past secrets and sentinels of the future. Trees are considered sacred in virtually every place where humans have settled , a sign  of deep relationship between people and trees . My beloved readers , please try to understand what I actually want to convey . we are running against the clock here. But at the same time , I think We shouldn’t just be thinking about quick fixes , just about massive tree planting programs. We need to worship nature , not subdue nature is our religion . the earth is our temple.”8  

    Michael Tarun speaks pleasantly, the wholeness of human character rests on holy foundation, and, the revolt of the spiritual man is both the progress of our outer and internal being , developing our mind to its greatest promising range and universality changing and elevating our lesser vital desires and body intuition under the leading principle of our being -- holy awareness

     Michael Tarun  speaks sweetly again, experiential psychology as  a usual science indulges the phenomena of mentality and behavior as goals , unfriendly events as they are, and, religious psychology , on the other hand, is not alarmed with the ‘is’ of the mental life , not also with the ‘ought’ or ‘ideal’ contracted with the normative science, but with the enlargement and becoming of the aware mind , the evolution and growth from actual to the probable; and, instincts are willpowers of the past, already adopted , now to be changed by the light of awareness in its quest for positive goal.     

         Michael Tarun , the unique soul, tries to moderate through major mind, accepting the fundamental rights of man as a course of sensitiveness where the pleasing contemporary  sweetness is rowed to physical and mental consciousness , basing on clean expression that is endeavoured to others normally . Thus , he says,

        “ Mutual intolerance  and hatred are the major mind sets of this time. Rights  to freedom expression is considered one of the many important fundamental rights in almost all countries  . It does not of course mean that by virtue of this right , one is permitted to attack  or injure anyone mentally . Neither it is desirable  that one should too sensitive against any adverse opinion and over react to it and counter attack . It is said that listening to pleasing words is a bliss.  It is like water to a thirsty person. But a contemporary society , sweet words are scarce and harsh words are plenty.

            “ Each of us is after somebody else and we are busy in disgracing others with our harsh  words. It in not right to attack or threaten somebody if he is not liked by me. Torture –physical or mental – is never acceptable. And it is also illegal and unethical . If this attitude of hatred continues every clan , creed , religion  or country will be destroyed . I may differ with others opinion but I should have ample patience to listen and express my different opinion politely. One should not cross the limit of courtesy, etiquette and decency. This is a basic thing  one can expect from others normally.”9 

         The positive willing and works of Michael Tarun is concerned with the object of nature, bearing the sweetest  virtues through noblest feeling where the glorious application of goodness must be owed to pious and glorious heredity of history in favor of Mother Earth. Here his everlasting deed is run under sovereignty of world’s beauty . Thus, we add a poem,

“Motherland, you’re our own mother to the best

In our fullest and completest life, at all,

Through the sweetest virtues ; that is noblest

With feelings , basing on honour; that’s cherishable.

“ Motherland , you are really strong and deathless

Through the depth of our love and glorious

Application and owes and rows to form, endless;

Here is your everlasting divinity that grows…

“O, Motherland , we worship you from our own

Heart, and our life’s piousness is dignified

With our glorious heredity ; that’s well-known,

And here’s your exactness ; that’s glorified…

O, Motherland , we are ready to sacrifice

Our life always for our sovereignty, at ease.”10

          Michael Tarun ,  coursifies  his thought that the world is moaning under soreness,and, the subsistence in suffering is an unquestionable fact; and, pain never comes single-handedly; it comes in waves and shape s a series. He, the Michael Tarun, extends his view in such a way that no chain of events is endless; it must come to end; so this series of pain is also terminable; but experimental and scientific determines are not enough for absolute termination of all sufferings corporal, physiological and psychical ; and, death is predictable, and can never be ensured by these techniques. Michael  Tarun  extends his view further , the total absence of all sufferings appears impossible , and, this fact has redirected the concentration of men from worldly ends to something beyond.

           Michael  Tarun puts forth on his idea , basing on the earth’s birth day . He wants to say evidently that the birth days of valuable and great men of the world are observed, and the birth day of Mother Earth must be rejoiced on fifteenth January, every year. Michael Tarun says,

           “ The only difference is that the birth days of famous are celebrated in a grand manner and the birth days of ordinary persons are celebrated by their family members only . But a famous or any  ordinary man , whatever work he might have done that he has done or is doing using the treasures of the Earth. Again whatever experiments he is doing , is doing by transforming the natural wealth of the Earth, and standing on the Earth’s soil.

          “ That means no natural fundamental ingredients are created by men or imported from another planet . If men are congratulated for their achievements , their birth days are celebrated , and then the Earth who, for billions of years has bestowed all her treasures for her well-being of

all the creatures must be felicitated. We should select a particular day in the year , and whenever we stay on the Earth, we must celebrate the birth day of Mother Earth in the way we can .We can give her nothing except the gratitude of our heart. On the basis f our gratefulness to her , we can say,

“ On your happy birth day

You stay well Mother Earth.

We are grateful to you .

Just be happy , dear Mother.”11

      On the whole, it’s to say truthfully that Michael Tarun must be awarded  “THE NOBEL PRIZE IN PEACE” , this year for his  outstanding works for nursing and saving Mother  Earth, and his are celebrated in New Zealand’s Prime Minister in recent times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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