Ridendick Mitro
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Sonnet Bangladesh, the Glory 
  — Ridendick Mitro  (Kolkata, India )

[ Rhyme Scheme : :ABBA.ABBA.CDDC.EE.]

Strange glory with enlightment in the Earth, 
That situates everything for mankind,
Who greatly gave it uniquely designed — 
That is you Bangladesh, without remark.

What not you are, can be said part by part! 
You at first esteemed Bengali & signed —
This Sweet tongue as the language divine, 
Since that fight world be in its conduct.

You offered unique kinds of thinkings deep, 
Love for books, hospitality and strength,
Including good choices in each content–
In livlihood that’s sweet, energitic.

As wider golden field in morning sun, 
You are Great nice oh  Bangladesh, I learn.


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If any printing magazine (s) in any country want to republish any poem of Ridendick Mitro, can,  but they should inform it kindly to him with details and give the source where the particuliar poem /writing was published at first.

N.B. Any typing mistake if found, excusable.


Ridendick Mitro (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো), Kolkata, India ( Bharat ),  is professionally a poet, novelist, lyricist & columnist in English & Bengali language seperately (not translation ). He took preparation since her childhood with this kind of dream and action. He crossed exceptional hurdles and devils’ with pathetic fights that are unbelievable to be believed by us.

From several publications he has 20–21names of books published upto 2020.
And so many works are waiting to be published. 

He is the lyricist of a world anthem — We are the citizen of the Earth.

Also   ‘Corona anthem 2020 official Bengali song ‘(আগ্রাসনের নেশার সাথে হিংসা সীমাছাড়া )’.  Sristi brand song,  kabyapot potrika anthem etc.

Recently it has again a surprize to us that his lyrics ” নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলা মুক্ত বিদ্যালয় খোসবাগ ” ( Nawab Siraj ud-daulah Mukta Vidyaloy Khosbag ) has been considered and using in the regular prayers to the graveyard of Nawab Siraj ud-daulah including a school after his name.This School for any age student established by Samarpita.

That prayer song accepted by this Samarpita,  the head of that school, a TV star of Kolkata,  who works  in Murshidabad in need of nawab purpose , sinks into a reserach on him  that results glorify his name in a special view. She cares his graveyard routingly giving bath and setting flowers with a prayer. She is called today’s Samarpita. Numerous unique qualities are played in her abilities. Her voice, logics and bravery are mervelous. She is also a social activist to develop the areas where the history of Sirajoddoula existed in the places.

   He was  Sirajoddoula,  the Nawab of undevided Bengal -Bihar -Orrisa, and who  actually was the hero of undevided India, and Robert Clive defeated him by unlawful tactics with the help of nawab  Siraj’s 1st Captain Mir Zafar and others. Since that day of 23 June 1757 The British owned officially licence to enter into India (Bharat) and step by step owned this total country. So, Sirajoddoula is the main point of the history of dependence India.

Ridendick Mitro claims, ” Areas of Nawab Sirajoddoula should be decleared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO,  as my conscience believes.
     How there histories are losing their existence due to lack of maintenance, that scene is very sad and unbearable!
     The mass movement is being formed one after another, the impornance needs to come from the United Nations, now.
   The sooner the Indian department of archeology looks at this, the better.”

You may know indescribable detals of Samarpita in the Manas Bangla Youtube channel :– “লুৎফুন্নিসার কি পুনর্জন্ম হয়েছিল / Was Lutfunnisa reborn? ‘,  ‘ নবাব সিরাজউদ্দৌলার হীরাঝিল প্রাসাদে কে এই লুৎফুন্নিসা /Begum Lutfunnisa at Hirajhil’ (in here Samarpita sings that lyrics with her tune with  some students by the grave,  see the youtube and may entertan detailed ) and see more about her thoughts here and there. Her students are called Knights. This is a school that tries to make the student (Knights) into   complite responsible sensitive citizens. Gradually it is growing.


Ridendick Mitro  has so many poems in Bengali and English on Bangladesh that those are getting ready to be published in print and due to Corona Pandemic situation it is making troubles in the publisher’s work.

It is a recent writing on Bangladesh that he doesn’t take a piece from the old file.  

     He has huge sonnets in English and Bengali language, published and unpublished.

   He is popular in the Bangladeshi readers also as in many countries..

He is awarded and felicitated from many organizations.

           — Editor :kabyapot. Com

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