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Re,, (sun) and a paragan of beauty. Niranjan. Ojha.

In a brilliant sunny morning
Jubilant Re just asends his chariot of light
Glorifies the east by his glow
Darkness flees away by the touch of his rays
World and universe become joyous.
Suddenly a paragan of beauty smiles before my eyes
Defusing the mighty glory of king of light
I am undone, whom do I like or love. Be patient, be calm and quiet

Nay, never none can defy my lovely glory
Re is the cause of light and life
But I am the cause of jovial life of mankind.

One thought on “Re,, (sun) and a paragan of beauty. Written by Niranjan Ojha.”
  1. Re, (Sun ) and a paragon of beauty by Niranjan Ojha, isa good poem touches heart and merit with a cool correspondence.

            ---Ridendick Mitro 
            (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো)

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