Title -Poet Par Excellence

Written by -Azharul Haque

Born to poverty stricken parents
You faced the tumult of living,
Hardship on every step from infancy,
Adversity endowed you with valour unforeseen,
Struggle made you matured enough
To ward off the darting arrows of destiny,
Wisdom, you culled from bleak experience
Led you to rebellion ;made you stern,
You chose pen rather than sword
For shaking off the edifice of colonialism
And of injustice strewn in society.
You taught Bengalees how to live
With accord utmost amidst diversity.
Your slapping on the face of communalism
Roused a spirit of union in Bengal,
We still feel pride to bear this legacy.
When little Dukhu turned to Nazrul, the rebel poet,
People swayed like wave by his patriotic poems.
You fought, you inspired, you fasted
Against injustice of foreign rule.
Oh poet! You were a treasure trove
Of songs of romance and of divinity,
Your glory written on petals of time,
Our tribute to your creation through struggle.

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