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Poem: Invisible Dream
Author: Somnath Chatterjee
Somethings are invisible,
Nature of human being
Which is fickle
Encircled by a circular road
Human being
Have to put them
In the light of Divine
An unseen power
Indeed the,
Divine is working
Constantly for the
Betterment of Universe
. For this purpose
There is no need
Of any University degrees
Or sharpness of prodigy,
But what is to be done
Will be done automatically
By the grace,
And people will
See the light with Wonder.
They may play
Or exercise Asanas
For fitness in body
Mind and spirit.
They must eat, Sleep
Read and do their work.
They should also pray to
Their respective religious almighty,
And remember the
Divine constantly
By keeping their aspiration
And faith intact.
Refuse all
False suggestions rejecting
Dishonest beings.

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