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By Niranjan Ojha.

I wandered across the world search for the immortality.
I hopped on the tops of rok , questioned them,
Who is immortal?
Made a Rocky reply – silence
Swam on the chest of seas, asked, who is immortal
Keep  mum, busy rhythms of waves.
Wandered in the land of stars, asked them the same.
Made no reply with a smiling face.
On the way I met three prime poets, Balmiky Vayas and Homer
Asked them, how did you become immortal?
Replied, my dear silly boy we all three sang the songs of death and  became deathless. Then again I met the great warriors in Hall of Hell called torturing cell. Aleczander  Hannibal, Mihirgul
  Chenghish, Taimoor Musolini Hitlar. Whotook lckhs of lives  in their life time.
Put them the same question, how did you become immortal?
Replied, You are a great fool know you not
We are cause of  death of lcks of lives
And became immortal in the pages of history of mankind.
Cause of endless death makes a man immortal.
Immortality lives with the killings of endless lives of mankind.

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