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Khosbag-Heerajhil Anthem – Ridendick Mitro


Jun 1, 2022

Khosbag-Heerajhil Anthem 
  Lyrics : Ridendick Mitro   

Murshidabad, Bengal, India, Bharatavarsha,
Heerajhil,  the place has become  a forest, 
Where Nawab Siraj Ud-daulah lived,  
In a beautiful palace in the distant past,
Let’s imagine, oh friends feel and read. 
History means always a surprising taste.

Murshidabad, Bengal, India, Bharatavarsha,
Khosbag, where graveyard of our Nawab —
Is seen with its silence of tears, is content,
His best spouse-n-friend Lutfunnisa spent there 
And used to cry caring of his grave till death, 
History is always saluted, kisses the present.

Murshidabad, Bengal, India, Bharatavarsha,
On the banks of the river Bhagirathi, 
You see those evidence and feel,  
History is always the benefit of extension,
Also it gives us special thinking skills.  
Man is great if thinking is accurate.


(11:01 pm, 28 May 2022)
Ridendick Mitro, (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো), Kolkata,  India,  is a poet -novelist- Lyricist -Columnist in English & Bengali languages seperately.    This author has created the works on Nawab Siraj themes in English & Bengali languages fundamentally includes 1000 (thousand) pages nearly. Published and yet to be published. His works and efforts are authenticated with this nation-n-world connected revolution and onwards. He is grateful to them. We are grateful also to the revolution that accepted our beloved poet’s works on this history related matters.

                     — Editor

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